The New NY Times

Image Snow Fall, written by John Branch of the New York Times, is a very solid, grand piece of journalism. Unfortunately, this story is about a tragic avalanche that occurred at Tunnel Creek and took the lives of several people. Not only were the graphics in the story pleasant to see, but the various forms of media incorporated added to the story as well. The videos, the moving pictures–every advanced piece of technology used was all surprising to see (mostly because they adjust with where you scroll on the page). The interactive bits were wonderful as well–I really felt like I understood exactly what took place, and where it took place.

But honestly, one thing that I can’t absentmindedly forget to mention is this: the length of this article. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever read an article that long. If I wasn’t planning on writing a blog post about that article, I would have never read through the entire thing–never.

On the other hand, I am very impressed at how the New York Times has changed their online model from their “Page One” days. They’ve adapted to the new, internet world of journalism, and  are doing it in ways that I have yet to see the Huffington Post (an online newspaper) do. (Seriously, that’s a huge problem, HuffPo). 

Overall, I love how the story was written. After reading it, you pretty much become an expert on skiing, and avalanches. You can read the article (if you have that kind of time) here!

Group Work

I can’t believe that this is all almost over! Now that the group assignment is almost done, it’s going to be super easy to do the personal project–it might even make the personal project much more fun to do. Actually, it’ll DEFINITELY make the personal project much more fun to do.

All I need is a topic 😡

The Struggle

Some how, for some odd reason, I was under the impression that it was already summer. Since that is my mindset, it’s been ridiculously difficult to continue to go to class, and to get work done. Group projects in two of my classes definitely don’t help my situation; just saying.


Emil Brunner once said “What oxygen is to the lungs, so is hope tot he meaning of life.” I agree. I hope I do well in all of my classes, or I’ll just die (I’m taking this way out of context :p)


Things seem to be looking up in this class. I finished a lab during class time (at least an hour or two earlier than normal), and I am completing a blog post 5 days before the dead line 😀 Look at me; I’m on a roll.